12 Health Benefits Of Black Tea, You Should Definitely Try

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Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Derived from Camellia Sinensis, black teas have similar properties to that of green and white tea.

They are also known for their caffeine content as they contain more caffeine than their counterparts such as green or white tea. However, the caffeine content in black teas are far less compared to coffee.

During the processing stage, black tea is fermented and oxidized. On the other hand, green tea and white tea are not fermented.

1. Antioxidant properties
Polyphenols, such as theaflavins, thearubigins as well as catechins as major constituents of black tea, are mainly responsible for antioxidant actions. The antioxidant properties of tea help to inhibit free radical generation, scavenge free radicals, and help protect your cells against DNA damage.

2. Relieves Stress
Black tea consumption not only lowers the production of the stress hormone, cortisol but also normalizes it. Tea intake may speed up recovery following acute stress, which otherwise can cause a greater risk of chronic illnesses like coronary heart disease.

3. Boosts Heart Health
The properties of black tea have been found to improve heart health, especially due to the flavones present in black tea. High amounts of flavanols, flavonols, theaflavins and gallic acid derivatives present in black tea help repair coronary artery dysfunctions in heart patients. It also reverses the abnormal functioning of blood vessels, which may lead to strokes, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular conditions.

4. Reduces Cholesterol
In one study, black tea was shown to reduce 11.1 % LDL cholesterol. People who consume black tea can reduce their bad cholesterol levels, which are responsible for heart strokes and fatal attacks. It has also shown anti-hypercholesterolemia effect in subjects at risk for heart disease or obesity.

5. Boosts Immunity
Black tea not only fights bacteria but also strengthens the immune system. The rich source of antioxidants in this hot beverage prevents DNA damage by free radical scavenging activity.

6. Manage Diabetes
A study published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism revealed that regular consumption of tea had antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects in people with type 2 diabetes.
Black teas as we know are great non-sweetened beverage and has been found to help enhance insulin in your body.

7. Improves oral health
Polyphenols in black tea include catechins, flavonoids, and tannins which have an anti-microbial effect and an inhibitory action on the bacterial and salivary enzymes.
Restricting bacterial growth, black tea not only reduces cavities and tooth decays but polyphenols present in black tea also suppresses cavity-causing bacteria that hinder the growth of bacterial enzymes that form the sticky-like material that binds plaque to our teeth.

8. Improves Mental Alertness
Black tea contains caffeine and a type of amino acid called the L-theanine, they can help improve alertness and focus.
Researchers from The Netherlands found that participants of a study who drank black tea had the strongest attention span and better auditory and visual attention. Black tea also contains caffeine, which may enhance alertness.

9. Improves Digestion
Black tea can help improve the count and variety of good gut microbes. Black tea is rich in tannins and other chemicals that have a positive and relaxing effect on the digestive system of the body. This anti-inflammatory quality of the tea is also helpful for curing digestive disorders.
Consumption of black tea helps maintain robust gut health by stimulating the growth of good bacterias and restraining the growth of bad bacteria such as Salmonella.

10. Relieves Asthma
Black tea expands the air passage, thereby allowing them to breathe more easily. Asthma is caused due to inflammation and swelling of the airway or bronchial tubes, which makes inhaling and exhaling difficult. So, it is no surprise that black tea is extremely beneficial for asthmatic patients.

11. Improves Bone Health
Due to the particular classes of flavonoids present in it , elderly women who are prone to fracture due to osteoporosis shows a lower risk level when they drank black tea.
Black tea is a substitute for calcium necessary for bones.

12. Prevents Parkinson’s Risk
Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that mostly affects older people. However, nowadays, the younger generation is also being impacted due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, genes etc.
Black tea has polyphenols that help prevent neurodegenerative disorders.


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