3 Exercises That Can Work Wonder For Your Skin

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If you are also someone who is applying a lot of chemical loaded products on your skin and it still feels dull and tired, its time to try some face yoga. Yes you heard it right, face yoga. Wonder how? Allow us to explain.

Face yoga is an exercise or a workout that involves doing repetitive exercises, focuses on strengthening the muscles of your face. Repeating the movement to allow better blood circulation and prevents premature aging.

Here is some exercise that you can do to make your skin look healthy and glowing.

Exercise No. 1

Massage your jawline in an upward motion. It creates an acupressure-like motion that releases tension and endorphins. Do the same with your forehead too, do it 5 times a day.

Exercise No. 2

With the help of your thumb massage your neck and chin in an upward motion at least 5 times. It helps in dealing with necklines and wrinkles near your mouth. Next, tighten your jawline and making a pout; now stretch your jaw to one side and turn your head in the same direction. Do it for 30 seconds and repeat it 5 times.

Exercise No. 3

Place your thumbs under your chin and massage your cheeks in an upward motion. Do this process 5 times. It helps in smoothening your smile lines and promotes blood circulation. Now, close your mouth and make a fish-pout. Hold it for 30 seconds and repeat it 5 times.


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