4 Ways By Which You Can Keep Your Skin Oil-Free

PUBLISHED ON August 12, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 125

With the increasing humidity, our skin starts to get oily during monsoons. And when the skin gets oily, pores eventually get blocked and lead to acne, making your skin look dull. To get back that extra shine on your face, you need to take proper care of your skin. Here we have listed five tips which will help you getting oil-free skin without extra effort.

Ways to keep your skin Oil-free

1. Avoid excess make-up
The best way to keep your face and skin clean is avoid using so many chemical loaded products. Excess makeup can clog up pores and lead to excess oil production. Try to keep your skin natural and stick to lightweight makeup only when needed.

2. Use blotting paper
You must always keep blotting papers with you. During the day time you can use this paper to dab on your face to absorb the excess oil.

3. Wash your face
Washing your face with a fresh water during this weather two three times a day can be the best skincare habits to follow.

4. Swap your products
Swapping your skincare products according to the season and your skin type is the best thing you can do ever. Replace your nourishing face washes with cleansing ones and for creams replace it with water or gel based cream.


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