4 Yoga And Meditation That Will Calm You To Sleep Better

PUBLISHED ON October 18, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 188


It is well known fact that most of the people suffer from sleep related issue. In the past few months, due to pandemic most of the people have been more anxious and sleep-deprived. In the pressure of handling daily stress, it has taken a toll on many lives, causing some physical and mental health issues. Here we have shared few yoga and meditation tips to keep your mind calm so that you can have a good sleep.

Yoga and Meditation

Progressive muscle relaxation

This exercise is used by doctors to treat insomnia and to provide relief from headaches and digestive disturbances. This meditation involves the tensing and releasing of various muscles one after another.

Body scan meditation

This meditation meditatively scans your entire body, to identify sensations of pain or discomfort. This also helps to increase the awareness of your own body.


This mediation is only limited by your own imagination. Focusing your mind on pleasant imagery helps you to actively move away from negative thoughts and emotions, which will help you in getting better sleep.

4-7-8 breathing

This is also known as ‘Ratio Breathing’, which helps to put your mind and body in a relaxed state. The basic concept of the yoga involves inhaling through the nose as you count to 4, 7 and then exhaling as you count to 8.


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