5 Possible Reason Why Do You Cry For No Reason

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Tears are falling down your face, and you can't understand why they are coming. Being heavy with emotions, you feel out of control and burst into tears. And if you know why you were having these feelings, it might get easier to understand why they are coming down. But what if you can't determine the source of your pain and tears. Here are a few possible reasons why you cry for no reason.

Maybe you are overwhelmed and don't even realize it. 

You may be heading towards your home from work and stuck in traffic, and suddenly tears began to fall from your eyes. At that moment, you might think, why the hell are you crying? The reason is you are unaware of the amount of stress you are under; fear finds a way to express itself, whether you are expecting it to or not. And so you cry for no reason.

Maybe you are under depression.

While being sad is a common mood disorder, many of the symptoms are common for people to experience as well. And some symptoms of depression are persistent sadness, empty mood, or hopelessness. Amongst other symptoms, these feelings tend to make people cry. The conscious connection may not be made, so people assume they are crying for no reason.

Many people experience anxiety.

Whether you have an anxiety disorder or struggle with anxiety in general, anxiety causes cry. Symptoms of anxiety include having a sense of impending danger, feeling nervous, or having difficulty controlling worry. The act of crying can be a release of the build-up of previously explained symptoms. Remember, if you are not active in coping with your anxiety, it can appear in unexpected physical ways, like in the form of migraines or crying.

If you are a woman, unexpected crying can be related to premenstrual syndrome. 

Premenstrual syndrome is a symptom that women have one to two weeks before their menstrual cycle begins. Some signs of premenstrual syndrome include headaches, bloating, and crying spells. If you are not tracking your menstrual cycle and are unaware it is occurring, you may not realize you are experiencing premenstrual syndrome.

Maybe you miss the one who is no more. 

You may see that the person who died a year ago or six months ago that you would not feel sudden strong emotions related to that person your lose. You may think that you have learned to accept the loss and to go about your daily life. But like many people, you may still be grieving the loss of a loved one and not realize it. Something as simple as a smell that brings up a memory of a loved one could cause us to cry all of a sudden.


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