5 Reasons Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

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That males and females have different physical needs is something we all know. Yet, recent research points to an important aspect where men and women are also different. This is something not everyone is aware of.

Yet, recent research points to an important aspect where men and women are also different. This is something not everyone is aware of. A study has shown that women need more rest than men The study found that woman’s brains need more time to recover from their daily routine. Sleep deprived females were also more susceptible to distress or anger.

This is in comparison to men when getting the same amount of rest. So how much more rest do they need? It turns out that as little as twenty minutes of extra sleep can have significant benefits. The reason behind this is that, while awake, female brains most often work harder.

There are some reasons why women need more sleep than men :

1. On Average They Have Busier Schedules

You should take into account that most women have a day job – part or full-time – and take care of the children. Also, with making dinner after work, it’s no wonder women end up needing more sleep, Women Go Through More Hormonal.

2. Changes

Puberty, regular monthly differences in hormones all have a serious effect on women. This also includes pregnancy and menopause. Physical discomfort and pain are another reason why female brains need more sleep.

3. Many of Them Don't Get Enough Rest

As a result of a more demanding routine, a lot of women don’t get the rest they need. If you have small children, you know the demands of raising them and how you need to sync to their resting patterns.

4. Lack of Sleep Has Links To Weight Gain

Men don’t have as tough of a time losing weight as women do, especially the ones that aren’t getting enough rest. Obese women are more likely to be sleep deprived, so there’s a link between insomnia and being overweight.

5. Worrying about problems

Women getting worried about problems and losing sleep as a result.

Modern life and society expectations have harmful effects on the health of women. All around the world they are facing too much daily stress. This affects their sleep in the most negative way. Disrupted sleep cycles lead to a lack of concentration and a worse quality of life. Getting regular sleep is essential for any individual.


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