5 Signs That Signifies, You Are Losing Muscle Instead Of Fat

PUBLISHED ON September 8, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 185


Losing weight isn't an easy task, it takes lots and lots of hardwork, a strict diet and a hardcore workout. A major goal of weight loss is to lose fat and increase muscle. You need to maintain atleast as much muscle as possible, if not increase. Sometimes you start losing muscle instead of losing fat, which might affect your overall health.

Muscles plays a crucial role in burning energy and losing fat. The more muscle you increase the more calories you will burn.

Here we have discussed some signs that tells you are losing muscle and not the fat.

1- If you are feeling lazy and don't have healthy eating habbit which contribute in losing muscle.

2- If you are not able to lift weights like yiu use to do earlier. If your workout feels more strained than usual.

3- A quick weight loss, you need to have patients and calm to achieve your desired weight goal or fitness goal.

4- If you don’t see any prominent changes in your weight, and your weighing scale is telling the other story. If your losing weight but your fat percentage doesn’t budge, then that probably means that you’re losing muscle mass.

5- If you are not able to increase the weight and unable to make any progress while working out could be a sign of losing muscle mass.


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