A Bell Pepper Sandwich Is All You Need To Have As A Healthy Breakfast; RECIPE Inside

PUBLISHED ON August 26, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 86


While most of the people are switching to cooking at home instead of ordering from outside amid the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of new foods have been discovered in the past few months. Right from pizza cereals to island cake.

Among which one special kind of sandwich is getting viral, the special thing about this sandwich is that it does not need bread. And this healthy version of dish is called bell pepper sandwich, where a sliced bell pepper substitutes the bread.

Here's how you can make this easy bell pepper sandwich

To make this, you just need two slices of bell pepper or make an open sandwich with a single slice. For filling you'll be needing meat, cheese, and vegetables of your choice.

This Bell pepper sandwich is also believed to be very healthy as it is Keto-friendly. It omits carbohydrates present in the bread and replaces it with a vegetable. Nutritionists claim that this keto friendly sandwich is an easy way to cut down on calories.

You must try this easy and keto friendly healthy bell pepper sandwich if you are running short of time.


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