All You Need To Know About Olive Oil; From Health Benefits To Types Of Oils

PUBLISHED ON December 30, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 88

Fitness freaks often recommend using olive oil in place of other kinds of cooking oils, but do you know how it exactly benefits the body?

Here we have discussed the benefits of olive oil and everything you need to know about the oil, right from its types to benefits.

Benefits of olive oil 

Olive oil is that magical, multi-purpose ingredient, which is used widely in spectrums for benefits from nutrition and health to skin and hair.

* Rich in antioxidants

* Rich in monosaturated fats, a type of dietary healthy fat

* It also has “vast reserves” of anti-inflammatory properties

* Aids in weight management

These are the three types of olive oil:

* Extra virgin olive oil: This is free of any defects of flavour or odour. No chemicals or extreme heat is used in the extraction process of the oil. The oil is good for salads.

* Virgin olive oil: The word virgin itself denotes that the oil is extracted by pressing the olives; no external heat or chemicals are used and the oil is pure.

* Olive oil: This is made by blending refined olive oil with a virgin grade of olive oil. The oil is best suited for regular cooking.


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