All You Need To Know About Typhoid And COVID-19

PUBLISHED ON December 10, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 126

The common symptoms of COVID 19 makes the people often confused with regular cough, cold, flu and in some cases, even typhoid. So, it becomes difficult to differentiate between typhoid fever and COVID, both of which require timely medical treatment.

To begin with, it must be understood that typhoid is caused by bacteria called salmonella typhoid. After infection, it remains in the human body for one-two weeks and gradually starts showing symptoms like high fever, repeated episodes of vomiting, stomach ache etc. It affects the intestine and enters the bloodstream as well.

There is no direct relation between COVID and typhoid infection, in some cases of COVID infection, typhoid comes positive and one needs to get further tests done to get confirmation. Also, COVID weakens the body’s defence mechanism making it prone to other infections and diseases, including typhoid.

Typhoid and COVID - How to prevent these infections?

*Time to time handwash is one of the major precautions to prevent both these infections.

*A strong immune system also helps to fight these infections.

*These measures need to be complemented with leading a healthy lifestyle which can help in reducing the risk.


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