Are You Taking Care Of Your Skin At Home; Here's How You Can Take A proper Care

PUBLISHED ON May 16, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 115

While most of us are confined to our homes, our skincare regime has somewhere lacked and changed. While staying at home we are supposed to have makeup free skin, we have got the opportunity to let our skin breathe. After all it is not so bad to pamper ou skin and ourselves in the easiest simple way. Here we have shared some of the tips to take care of our skin.

Protect your skin from the UV rays 

It is necessary to apply sunscreen while you are at home, as you will definitely move out once in a day for exercise. It is important to use a full spectrum sunscreen as glass windows and fine curtains can let UV rays in.

Stay moisturised

While it is important to wash your hands to keep the virus away, and with washing all the time and sanitizing our hands can become rough and tough so you are advised to apply a moisturiser on hand to avoid chapping.

Lip care is must

Applying lip care or lip balm from time to time can make your lips even smoother. A good lip balm is not only an essential beauty item but also a must for healthy skin.

Stay hydrated

Incase you are looking for a perfect skincare regime to deal with the hot weather, then you must try a cooling face mist. It will keep your skin hydrated even in a worst heat.



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