Beauty Alert: Four Food That Can Trigger Acne And Pimple Issues

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We can agree to the fact that whatever we eat that reflects on our skin. No matter whatever skincare regime, food we eat plays a vital role in how our skin may feel and looks. According to the dermatologist, even if you are using the right skincare products and getting regular treatments, your skin will not be healthy if your gut is not healthy. And one of the first signs of unhealthy food consumption is acne and pimple, which are usually triggered by external factors along with a higher intake of sugar, processed food, or salt.

Acne, is usually caused by inflammation in the skin, and can be triggered and aggravated by foods that are high in salt and sugar. You are advised to avoid the processed foods and alcohol to keep your face clear and acne and pimple free.

So if you too have been experiencing frequent bouts of acne and pimple, skin inflammation, then check out the foods that you need to stay away from.

Foods to avoid for acne and pimple free skin


Occasionally enjoying a bar of chocolate does not causes acne. But as per one Australian research, chocolate is known to increase the body’s insulin response which, in turn, triggers to acne and pimple.


The reason this food does not suit everyone is that it contains large amounts of estrogen which can trigger acne, especially in those who already have a higher level of estrogen present in their bodies. Not only that, its component also reduces the absorption of vitamins to a large extent.

Greasy fast food

This is a no-brainer; fat or oil-rich food like burger, pizza, sodas increases the risk of skin breakouts. This is because such foods alter the level of hormones in our body which triggers acne.


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