Beauty Hack: Try Making This Easy DIY Rice Body Lotion At Home

PUBLISHED ON September 13, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 82

Rice is not only meant for consumption, but it can also be used as skincare. If you're thinking of making a body lotion. In the past few months, many people have taken to home-made pamperings for their skin and hair. They have discovered new DIYs which have helped them in many ways. If you are also one of them and your and using homemade beauty treatment is your thing, then you must consider using rice for effective skincare. Here we have shared a simple DIY with which you can prepare a rice body lotion.

Ingredients you need to make rice body lotion:

– Uncooked rice

– Water

– A few drops of vitamin E oil

– A container to store

Method to make rice body lotion:

*Take some uncooked rice and rinse it under running water to remove dirt.

*Next, you boil some rice in a container and once it becomes mushy, grind till it becomes a fine paste.

*Add few drops of vitamin E oil to the paste.

*Body lotion needs to be fragrant, and for this, add any essential oil of your choice and make sure everything has been mixed well.

*Now store it in a jar and refrigerate it for some days and use it whenever‌ you need it.


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