Beauty Tips To Make Your Skin Look Perfect During Changing Season

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Everyone wants to look good, no matter the season. During the change of season, adjust your daily manicure routine. The skin is influenced by seasonal changes and different conditions, like heat and humidity, or lack of it. With the approach of winter, the humidity within the air starts decreasing.

Folks with normal to dry skin start experiencing a taut feeling in their skin after washing or cleansing. Those with oily skin complain that the skin feels dry after washing, but becomes oily and vulnerable to eruptions, after applying creams. Actually, oily skins can also be in need of moisture when the season changes. As for normal to dry skin, it can become rough and flaky, or even sensitive, with rough red patches.


With the arrival of summers, there are often problems like allergies, itching, rashes or inflamed skin due to pollutants and dirt that are within the air. The skin is one of the first in-tuned the brunt of irritants. Use skin care products that cleanse the skin without disturbing the moisture balance.

The skin absorbs moisture during spring within the type of an emulsion of oil and water. For normal to dry skin, use sunscreen, before going out in the sun. If you're indoors, use moisturiser.

Summer Skincare

Apply a liquid moisturiser under make-up, before using foundation. For an oily or combination skin, apply sunscreen gel. Honey, being a robust humectant, attracts moisture to the skin. Honey helps to alleviate dryness and suits all skin types. for greasy skin, mix honey with albumen or juice and apply on the skin daily, wash after quarter-hour with plain water. Aloe vera gel is additionally ideal for moisturising all skin types. Cleanse your skin nightly to urge obviate dirt, pollutants, make-up, sweat and oil secretions. Select cleansing gel for dry skin, cleansing milk for combination skin, or face wash for greasy skin and medicated cleanser for acne-prone skin. Scrubs to urge obviate dead skin cells – twice hebdomadally for greasy skin and once hebdomadally for dry skin. Dry skins should use a creamy moisturiser.

WHAT to not DO

- Don’t wash the face with soap and water quite 2 or 3 times every day. Alkaline soaps can disrupt the normal pH balance

- for greasy skin, mix 100 ml perfume with one teaspoon pure glycerine. confine airtight bottle in the fridge. Apply this lotion to moisturise normal to oily and combination skin

Don’t apply facial scrub on pimples, acne or rash

Avoid leaving under-eye creams overnight. Remove them gently with moist cotton after quarter-hour.


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