Begin Your Day On A Healthy Note With This Lip-Smacking Oats Recipe

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Most of the people prefer having nutritious bowl of instant oats to kick start their day on a healthy note. But you might not be knowing that there are variety of oats which are healthier. Have you ever heared of oats groats, it is the least processed oats. If you want to differentiate between the oats and oats groats, read this post thoroughly. Whole oat groat resembles broken wheat porridge and has more texture and flavour, and therefore, considered healthier. Here we have shared an easy lip smacking recipe of oats.

Ingredients you need to make oats recipe:

Oat groats, soaked overnight
Cranberries, optional
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Chia seeds
Raw cocoa powder

Method to make oats recipe:

*Slowly cook the soaked oats in water.
*Further add cranberries and other seeds of your choice.
*Sprinkle some chia seeds to it.
*Add a dash of cocoa powder.


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