Benefits Of Applying Sesame Oil On Your Feet At Night

PUBLISHED ON September 22, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 99

Do you feel exhausted right after wake up when you see your feet tired after the seven hour of sleep. Feeling exhausted and tired after you wake up is quite common among the young adults and late 40s people. Actually it is a reminder that your feet need some pampering after being soo tired. Popular practice of massaging your body is usually done before the shower, and massaging your feet as a bedtime routine is also something that benefits the body from the core. It doesn't take much time and results really wonderfull when done with the sesame oil. Here we have discussed the benefits of applying sesame oil on your feet at night.

Benefits of sesame oil massaging on the foot:

* On a daily basis it helps in reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps in keeping the nerves calm.

* It also helps in better and deep sleep.

* It reduces the qualities of vata, which also helps in improving the digestive woes.

* It improves blood circulation and releases muscle tension, eventually makes you feel energetic when you wake next morning.

* Works as a natural crack-heeling remedy.sesa


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