Benefits Of Doing Low Lunge Yoga Or Anjaneyasana

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Low Lunge Yoga or Anjaneyasana, is commonly practiced pose in yoga, as it stretches and strengthens most of the part of the body at once. It is believed to be an excellent pose to practice regularly as one can see the good results in a short time.

This very pose can be practiced in a more relaxing and supported way. It can be practiced more vigorously to build great strength, balance and flexibility.

Here we have shared the benefits of Anjaneyasana and you can perform it.

Benefits of Low lunge.
This pose is great to stretch out your thigh, groin area and your chest. It also helps in boosting the functioning of the thyroid glands. It engages the hips, thighs, and hamstrings.

How to do Low lunge

* Get into the downward-dog pose. Bring your right foot forward as you exhale and place it in between your hands alinging the right knee in a straight line.

* Now, lower your left knee to the floor and slide it back till you get into a comfortable stretch in your left thigh.

* Inhale and lift your chest and slowly raise your arms upwards, above the head, and palms joined.

* As you exhale everytime, bend deeper into the pose, pressing your tailbone towards the floor and hold to the position for a while.

* Now, take your head back and look up.


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