Bid Adieu To Stubborn Brown Spots On Your Face With These Simple Tips

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Flawless skin is the one everyone desires for. But, no matter how much you take care of your skin, you are likely to experience some skincare issue — one among them being brown spots on your face. Though its common, it can get pretty complicated when it comes to treating them. The key to successfully treating those discoloration is to know what you’re dealing with. Irrespective of the kind of pigmentation you’re developing, there are few things common to treating them, which we have discussed here.

So, if you are battling with brown spots on your face, below are some simple tips for effective treatment:

Here are some common tips that will help you treat brown spots:


This is one of the most important step, for treating brown spots, whether you are stepping out or not, sunscreen is a must. The dermatologist suggests, limiting sun damage is the key to prevent aggravation of dark spots. Always apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before you step out and reapply after every two hours, especially on the areas exposed to the sun.

Try retinoids

Retinoids are not for delaying the signs of ageing but also helps to exfoliate minor discolourations. To counter the oxidative stress in your skin caused by hyperpigmentation, you must topically apply anti-oxidants. You can try vitamin C, E. niacinamide or glutathione.

Laser treatment

Before going for this option you must consult to your doctor. Laser treatment can be effective in treating the most stubborn kind of pigmentation as well.


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