Breakfast Ideas: Try This Healthy And Lip-Smacking Spinach And Feta Cheese Wrap

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If you are fast food junkie and also health conscious, then we are sure you must always be on the lookout for interesting recipes that are not only easy to make but also tasty and healthy. In case you are looking for some delicious ideas, we are here with a wrap recipe for you. Spinach and feta cheese wrap! Yes, you read it right, this lip-smacking wrap can be easily made at home.

Ingredients you need to make spinach and feta cheese wrap:

1 – Multigrain chapati

12 – Spinach leaves (approximately)

40g – Feta cheese

1tsp – Olive oil

1-2 – Garlic cloves

Salt and pepper

Method to make spinach and feta cheese wrap:

*Take a pan and heat one tsp olive oil. Add chopped garlic and cook until it turns golden brown. Add feta and toss frequently to it. Remove garlic and feta from pan and set aside.

*Add spinach leaves to the pan and cook until spinach is wilted, stir it once.

*Add spices of your choice.

*Now make a multigrain chapati.

*Place the filling onto your chapati and roll it tightly.

*Your spinach and feta cheese wrap all ready to hunt your hunger.



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