Celebrate Christmas Eve With These Homemade Mocktails Recipes

PUBLISHED ON December 23, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 99

With Christmas almost here, the mood is festive everywhere and even if it has to be spent in the era of pandemic. The days leading up to Christmas are mostly festive; there's everyone is busy in cooking, cleaning, baking and spending time with family. And to get you into festive spirit, here we have shared some easy and delicious mocktails mixes that will make raising your glass worth it, as you welcome family and friends for small gatherings at home on Christmas Eve.

Homemade Mocktails

Blue Flower

For those who love to be classic can have a twist, with this blue flower recipe which perfect!

You will need:

– Elderflower syrup (15ml)

– Any orange flavoured drink

– Club soda (50ml)

– 2 sliced lemons, mint leaves and ice (½ glass)


Take a tall glass, fill it half with ice. Add elderflower syrup, mint leaves and pour the club soda and muddle it. Top it up with an orange-flavoured drink and add the slices of lemon. Serve chilled and enjoy.

Old Time Masala Mojito

Old Time Masala Mojito is everyone's favourite mojito but with a quirky, desi twist.

You will need:

– Mojito Mint syrup (20 ml)

– Sweet and Sour syrup (10 ml)

– Mint leaves (6 g)

– Ice (6 g)

– Lemon slices (2 pcs)

– Lemon syrup/lime juice (5 ml)

– Soda (60 ml)

– A masala jeera drink of your choice (150 ml)


Crush mint leaves and ice together. Blend the mojito, lemon and the sweet and sour syrups well. Add the combined syrup to the crushed ice and add soda. Finally, add your favourite masala drink and top it up with a couple of lemon slices.

Limeade Punch

One of the easiest mocktails to make, this limeade punch is lemony and yummy!

You will need:

– 1/12 ounce canned limeade concentrate

– ½ liter bottle of any clear lemon drink

– Frozen raspberries or sliced limes for garnish

– Ice


Pour the frozen limeade concentrate in a large bowl and add the clear lemon drink. Add ice, sliced limes, and frozen raspberries, if required.


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