Common Health Issues During Festive Season, Here's How You Can Avoid Them

PUBLISHED ON October 27, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 77


Festivals are all about fun and enjoyment, but indulging in the special treats of festivals, we tend to compromise on our health by skipping meals and hunting on to junk foods. So, with diwali coming, you will obviously get indulged in fried foods and sweet dishes. Here we have highlighted the three common health issues that most of us experience during the festive season - acidity, headache and blotting.

If you are suffering from these problems or you want to avoid them, here are some tips that should keep in mind.

Health issues during festive season.


*Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water in a day.

*Eat by sitting at one place.

*Pick freshly made dessert or food.

Alcohol consumption

* Any kind of alcohol is harmful for the body so avoid having alcohol.

*If you want to have alcohol, have it after eating.

Overcompensating the next day

*Avoid under-eat, fast, or over-exercise if you are feeling low.

*Follow your normal and daily routine.

*Start your day with a glass of water and banana.

*Exercise for about 30 mins.

Follow these tips to avoid any kind health issues during festive season.


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