Confused About Breakfast? Try Making This No-fuss Boiled Egg Sandwich; Recipe INSIDE

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There are days, when you are confused about what to make for the breakfast, but you still crave for something yummy and filling. Worry not, as we have brought something very especial and simple bread based recipe which doesn't require much effort. Here we have shared an easy recipe of simple boiled egg sandwich, which fuss free and is a delicious way to have a tawa toasted sandwich.

Here's how you can make boiled egg sandwich.

Things you need to make the boiled egg sandwich:

2 – Boiled eggs (boil them for eight minutes. Then peel and keep aside.)

Salt and pepper to taste

You can add chopped: spring onion, celery, bell peppers

Few- Green chillies, chopped

Few – Coriander, chopped

1tsp – Chilli sauce

1tsp – Mustard

2tsp – Mayo/Cheese spread (whatever you have)

4 – Slices of bread

Butter (as much as you like)

Method to make boiled egg sandwich:

*In a bowl, seperate egg yolks and whites.

*Finely chop egg whites in an another bowl and keep aside.

*Grate the egg yolks and add all the finely chopped veggies, salt, pepper, sauces, mayo, and mix them.

*Heat an iron tawa or pan, add 1tsp oil and set the flame medium low.

*Butter your bread well from both sides.

*Now, add chopped egg whites into the yolk mixture and also add some seasoning.

*Spread the mixture and add cheese slice and put the other bread on the top.

*Toast it on your pan and cut it into half and serve hot!



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