Count On These Home Remedies For Dealing With Puffy Eyes

PUBLISHED ON March 25, 2021 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 142

Puffy eyes could be a result of many things. Mild morning puffiness is something very common experienced by most of the people, which usually goes off after one washes their face with cold water. But if under-eye puffiness is still visible, here we have shared some easy home remedies that can help to reduce those puffy eyes.

Nutrition hacks for puffy eyes

*It is very important to have two-three litres of water daily so that your brain knows that it does not need to store water.

*You are advised to consume the foods and vegetables rich in water to maintain body's hydration level.

*Reduce diuretic beverages, such as tea and coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol, they increase puffiness.

Among all these there is one magical remedy that has maximum benefits is mentioned below.

Combine all of these together into a magical vegetable juice.


1 – Cucumber, medium

1-2 stalks – Celery

1 – Tomato, medium

Small bunch – Parsley

Lime juice


Wash the vegetables.

Cut and blend them together.

Enjoy the juice without delay.



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