Count On These Super Winter Foods Which Are Good For Building Immunity And Digestion

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You are what you eat believed to be true when it comes to your immunity and health. The changing weather calls for the nutritious food that enable the body to adapt well to the changes that season brings along. As winters have almost arrived, it becomes necessory that one should includes foods that warm up the body to ensure we stay away from seasonal illnesses. So, here we shared a list of super winter foods that you can add in your diet.

Winter foods. 


Bajra is rich in B vitamins, which promotes muscle gain, boosts hair growth and much more.


Gond is believed to be good for bones, which improves sex drive, and good for digestive aid.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables in winters are very important, they have anti-inflammatory properties and reduces burning in hands and feet.

Kand or root veggies of all kinds

Prebiotic, aids weight loss, improves digestion & assimilation of nutrients.

Seasonal fruits

Seasonal fruits like guava, grapes, apple are rich in micronutrients and fibre, which helps with hydration of the skin.

Til or sesame seeds

Sesame seeds is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E. The seeds are also good for bones, skin, hair.


As winters arrive, peanuts are must food and is the world’s healthiest foods, rich in vitamin B, amino acids, polyphenols. Peanuts are good for heart.



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