Craving For Chocolate? Try Making This Easy Chocolate Truffle At Home; RECIPE Inside

PUBLISHED ON August 9, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 101

Are you craving for chocolates and wanna make your weekend interesting? So nothing can be as good as chocolate truffle. It can surely satiate your craving for chocolate and sweet tooth too. Here we have shared the easy recipe of chocolate truffle that you can make easily at home.

Here's how you can make chocolate truffle at home.

Mexican chocolate truffles are decadent, perfect for anybody in the mood of a quick sweet tooth and there is hardly anyone who says no to chocolate.

Ingredients you need:

300g – Dark chocolate
2tbsp – Butter
125ml – Fresh cream
1tsp – Smoked paprika

• Make a ganache and gently scald the cream in a sauce pan. Scalding means bring it to boiling point. Meanwhile, take the chopped chocolate in a microwave bowl, add butter to it and simply microwave it for 30 seconds bursts till the chocolate starts to melt.
• Now, pour the cream into the chocolate and butter bowl and let it sit for next five mins.
• Then, mix it till its completely homogeneous and add the smoked paprika and mix it once again. Place it in the fridge for six hours.
• Take 1 tbsp of ganache and and roll it between your palms.
• Now, place all the rolled truffles in a chilled plate.
• Enjoy!


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