Do You Know The Difference Between Hair Loss And Hair Shedding

PUBLISHED ON February 20, 2021 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 111

Hairfall, dry hair, split ends continue to remain one of the biggest concerns for men and women. Often, natural DIY masks do not prove to be helpful in overcoming the problem. But one of the first things to do when solving a problem is to understand the root cause of hair loss and hair shedding.

You might not be knowing the difference between the hair loss and hair shredding.

Difference between hair loss and hair shedding

What is hair shedding? 

It is obviously normal to lose 50-100 hair strands in a day. However, people who have stress, have just given birth, undergone an operation, stopped taking birth control pills, lost more than 10 kgs of weight or more experiences an excessive hair shedding.

What is hair loss?

Hair loss, on the other hand, is a complete different phenomena. It is something when the hair stops to grow. The most common cause of hair loss explained by the dermatologist is heredity, immunity system overreacts, harsh hair care products or a compulsion to pull out your own hair.


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