Do's And Don't Of Using Face Wipes You Must Know

PUBLISHED ON July 26, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 226

Face wipes are skincare essentials. We cannot think of stepping out without carrying a pack of face wipes in our bag. Be it any season, these handy wipes are perfect for all season and time. While they are mostly used on the face, there are many things you must know before using it. Here we have shared some simple dos and don't of using face wipes that can help you.

Do's and Don't of using face wipes

* You might not be knowing but, your face wipes can also act as a replacement for perfumes and deodorants. In summers people tend to sweat a lot, especially when they are out for a longer period of time. So, if you are carrying your face wipes with you you can use on your armpits and neck area to remove the odor of sweat and feel fresh.

*Many of us use it to remove makeup but in fact, we shouldn't. Face wipes are much more different from makeup remover wipes that you can easily find it in a market. So, if you are trying to remove eye makeup which takes a lot of time and effort, look for the appropriate wipes to clean that.

* If you are wipes for removing makeup, then you immediately stop doing that as it can make your skin harsh. Instead, remove your makeup with a mild face wash and a moisturizer.


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