Do's And Dont's For Good Sleep During Quarantine

PUBLISHED ON June 5, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 52

Getting good sleep is the most difficult than ever. By day to day increasing anxiety levels, scary dreams and nightmares caused by the constant stream COVID 19 pandemic news, has made it difficult for many of us to get a good sleep.

While we all advised working from home, we are getting less natural light and not having a set schedule which has led to the destruction of our daily schedules.

Here we have shared few dos and don't that will help you in getting better sleep in the time of the global pandemic.

​Take a nap

If you don't get proper sleep at night, try taking a power nap after every short break. The best time to take a power nap is afternoon around 2 pm. This is the only time when our circadian rhythms usually make us feel sleepy. You can take a power nap for around 20 minutes otherwise you might feel groggy.

​Keep a watch on your caffeine intake

Starting your day on a good note with a cup of coffee in the morning is a habit of most adults. But this might can create a problem for you aa more than three to four cups, you can get affected negatively. You are advised to avoid any caffeinated drinks later in the day.

​Snack wisely

We all know that a good diet plays a major role in our sleep. Eating late at night can lead to poorer sleep at night and you might not get a good sleep.

Late eating causes heartburn, which in turn causes problems with your sleep. To avoid this, eat an early dinner and limit your snacking before bedtime.

​Do not rely on alcohol

Alcohol might make you feel sleepy but that it isn't a good choice. The downside of alcohol can cause awakenings and arousals in the second half of the night and your sleep might get disturbed.

It is because alcohol disrupts the circadian rhythms and also increases your continuous trips to the bathroom.


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