Easy And Essential Skincare Tips For Women Above 40 Age

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With the time and increasing age, our skin experiences a decrease in the production collagen, natural oils and elastin and makes our skin look dry and lifeless. Our skincare mistakes that we have done at a younger age starts becoming visible in the late 30s or early 40s. This the time when wrinkles, fine lines, age spots start appearing on the skin. After 40, one must adopt ideal skincare regimen which include both corrective and preventive measures.

Here are a few skincare tips you can follow when you are at your 40s

*You must do exfoliation in your beauty regimen. Get a scrub according to your skin type. Those who have dry skin, use a cream-based scrub that will not only cleanse but also moisturises the skin too. For oily skin, use a gel-based scrub which will help control oil secretion and give squeaky clean skin.

*With the increasing age, the skin tends to lose moisture and many healthy nutrients. So, it becomes drier, more irritated, less supple and less elastic. To avoid this, use a gentle non-foaming cleanser and use a good moisturiser to lock in the moisture.

*Another thing that you can do is, use a night cream. Wash your face before with a mild face wash and then apply a night cream.

*Drink good amount of water and consume a healthy diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet which provides your skin with essential antioxidants. Hydrated skin looks naturally young and radiant.

*Fine lines and wrinkles across the eyes are one of the major symptoms of ageing. Use a good under eye gel, cream or roller that will nourish your eyes and help get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles when you sleep.


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