Easy And Simple Ways To Reduce The Intake Of Salt

PUBLISHED ON November 3, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 149


Excess consumption of salt can be very harmful for your health. As it can lead to a surge in blood pressure and should be consumed by those who are suffering from hypertension. Excess consumption of salt can also lead to kidney-related issues. Studies have also shown that intaking excess salt can weaken the immune system by making it difficult for the body to fight bacterial infections.

Here we have shared some tips to reduce the intake of salt and keep your salt consumption under control.

Tip 1:

Instead of adding too much salt, you can replace it with alternative seasonings like lemon powder, amchur powder or dry mango powder, carom seeds, black pepper powder and oregano.

Tip 2:

Instead of adding salt to your food while cooking, you can mix it at the end. This way you will end up using the less amount of salt.

Tip 3:

Some foods like pickles, papad, sauces, chutneys and namkeen have salt in it. So try to avoid or lower the intake of such food items.

Tip 4:

Avoid adding salt to rice, dosa, roti and puri while cooking as it will camouflage the natural sweetness of the grains.



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