Enjoy Your Weekend Treat With These Cute Little Cakesickles; RECIPE Inside

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Nothing looks comfortable to getting a charge from hectic weekend with your closed and loved ones. However, you should throw some of your time in a dessert and the time spent together suddenly becomes much sweeter and more fun! So, if you have planned everything for weekend, and just looking out something for dessert then your search ends here as we have got covered your search. Here we have shared the recipe of cute little cakesickles.

Here's how you can make cute little cakesickles.  

Ingredients you need to make cakesickles.

½ cup – Red velvet cake crumbs

400gms – White compound chocolate

3 tbsp – Cream cheese frosting

Steps you need to make cakesickles

*Roughly chop white chocolate and melt it over a double boiler.

*In an another bowl, add the cake crumbs, frosting and combine them until mixed. Set it aside.

*Now take a cakesicle mould and pour some amount of melted white compound chocolate mix into all the cavities. Now, turn it upside down to get rid of any excess chocolate.

*In each mould, set the ice cream stick to make an indent. Then pop the mould into the refrigerator until it is set.

*Repeat the coating process again and bring out the mould and fill it with the cake crumbs and frosting filling.

*Lastly, pour the remaining compound in the cakesickle mould. Set it in the fridge for few hours and demould them. Decorate it with edible hearts and flowers!

Enjoy your cakesickles!


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