Fresh Vs Frozen Which Food Is Better And Why?

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Fresh Vs Frozen: Many of us will fail to consume the recommended amounts of vegetables or fruits per day. We usually prefer to order food online instead of cooking because we don't want the pain of chopping and peeling.

There is, however, one easy solution to all - frozen foods. Before we tell us how unhealthy it is, you should know that studies have actually shown that fresh and frozen aren't all that different nutritionally.

Let us know which food is better. 

Frozen food isn't as nutritious as fresh ones

Actually, if you think that about it, fresh foods may have travelled many days from the time of harvest to when it gets to your grocery. During that point, the product is sure to lose a number of its nutritional value. On the opposite hand, frozen food, especially fruits and vegetables, have a really short time between harvest and being packaged, which maximizes the retention of nutrients, thus reaching you with more health benefits.

Frozen food is dear 

Not really. Frozen fruits and vegetables are often priced more reasonably than fresh items, especially when not in season. Sales on frozen vegetables and fruits can make them an excellent purchase for your household budget.

Frozen foods are high in sodium

Frozen vegetables are literally less likely to possess added sodium. Many manufacturers are now taking a health-conscious option to cut the sodium content. Before purchase, just scan the label for proof.

Frozen foods expire sooner

Frozen food just about remains safe indefinitely. they need expiration dates because they will not taste good forever. The flavour and texture will break down over time as you expose it more and more to air, but otherwise, they're fine.

More benefits of frozen foods include the prospect to settle on from a good assortment of fruits and vegetables. It provides consistent variety in meals and snacks, and a wider source of essential nutrients, regardless of the season.


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