From Turmeric Milk To Dried Nuts, Four Foods You Must Eat To Boost Immunity

PUBLISHED ON August 11, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 198

Amid the pandemic, health issues are increasing day by day and experts and doctors are constantly focusing on boosting immunity to keep the infections at bay. While immunity boosting tips are coming from all the corners, people are focusing on healthy and nutrient rich foods to boost immunity.

Here are the foods that you must include in your diet to boost immunity.

Nuts: Handful of soaked almonds and raisins as you wake up in the morning. During the day time, you can also have cashew or peanuts as a mid-meal.

Ragi/Nachni: For your lunch you can have Ragi/Nachni ladoo.

Rice: Rice is very easy to digest and has BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) which helps in promoting protein synthesis and metabolism of glucose. Rice also play a important role in the immune system and in brain function.

Turmeric milk with nutmeg: Turmeric milk famously known as haldi doodh with the nuts at night is believed good for sleep. It also has an anti bacterial which helps in reducing


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