Give This Soothing Banana Hair Mask A Try To Deal With Brittle And Frizzy Traces

PUBLISHED ON June 19, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 57

Soothing Banana Hair Mask: Usually, hair masks are underrated and they give you a kind of nourishment that even a hot oil massage can't provide. And if you are looking forward to unwinding and pamper yourself with some natural remedy.

Here we are with yet another hair mask that will come to your rescue. Daily applications to the hair keep the brittleness and frizziness at bay while strengthening and nourishing the scalp.

Check it out this easy banana hair mask to give your hair life.


A bowl of curd

2 ripe bananas

aloe vera gel

2 vitamin E capsules


Take two chopped bananas and a bowl of curd, add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and 2-3 vitamin E capsules to it.

Grind them all in a grinder and make a mask for a minute and apply it by sectioning your hair from the middle part. Let it settle for 10 minutes and wash as you usually do. You will see the magic yourself.

Bananas are great for your hair, they keep dandruff away and will nourish your scalp keeping the elasticity alive. Curd is rich in protein and repairs the damaged hair follicles and works as a natural conditioner. Aloe vera gel has anti-bacterial properties which work to repair the scalp’s dead skin cells.


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