Give Your Indian GolGappa An Italian Twist With This Easy Recipe

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No one can deny the yummy taste and flavour of puchka or Panipuri at a roadside stall. But having it at a roadside stall may not be a safer option. To satiate your craving for yummy pani puri, you can try making the traditional puchka at home. And if you are in a mood to experiment, you can also give it a little bit of Italian taste by adding Italian white sauce and veggies.


Bechamel Sauce

1 tbsp – Butter

1 tbsp – all purpose flour

1 cup – Milk

1 tbsp – Chopped garlic (optional)

1 – Bay leaf (optional)

Very small piece nutmeg (optional, only for flavouring)

Salt and pepper (for taste)

Italian Puchka shots

Pani puri/puchka

Veggies (chopped)

Chilli flakes


Black pepper



Bechamel sauce

*In a saucepan, melt the butter.

*Now, saute the garlic and add flour to it and stir till the mixture is well blended.

* Slowly add the milk and stir continuously until there are no lumps.

*Now, add some bay leaf, nutmeg and keep it stirring till the sauce boil and thickens.

*Add a pinch of salt and pepper and turn off the flame.

Italian puchka shots

*In another bowl, add some vegetables (like corn, beans, tomatoes and carrots or others as per your choice) to the bechamel sauce which we prepared above.

*Now, sprinkle some chilli flakes, parsley and black pepper to it and add salt and mix all them together.

*Take one ball of GolGappa and burst it from the top and add Bechamel sauce filling to it.

*Garnish it with some cherry tomatoes and basil leaves and enjoy!


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