Give Yourself A Treat Of Healthy Vegan Kulfi, RECIPE Inside

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Finding the suitable sweet tooth for vegans is a tricky affair. So, its better to try something at home only. Here's a simple and easy vegan kulfi, that is sure to become your favourite after you try it! And the best part is that it is super easy to make whenever you have craving for sweet.

Here's how you can make vegan kulfi.

Ingredients you need to make vegan kulfi.

¼ cup – Cashewnuts

8-10 – Seedless dates

2 tbsp – Steel-cut oats

2-3 – Green cardamom seeds

1 cup – Thick coconut milk

Method to make vegan kulfi 

*Soak some cashew nuts in water for three-four hours and then drain.

*Also soak dates in water for about for 30 minutes and drain.

*Blend oats and green cardamom seeds into a powder.

*Now, transfer the soaked cashew nuts and dates in another blender and blend them to get a smooth paste.

*Add the oats-green cardamom powder and coconut milk to it and blend it again to get a smooth and thick mixture.

*Pour the mixture into kulfi or ice cream moulds, screw on the lids and refrigerate it for about one hour. Further, refrigerate them for about 7-8 hours or till they set.

*De-mould and serve immediately.



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