Have Lemon Tea, To Give Your Immunity A big Boost

PUBLISHED ON May 13, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 98

Tea lovers know it well that there is nothing good and healthy as a cup of lemon tea. Besides being delicious, it is fully packed with nutrients that can give you a healthy boost. Right now, a lot of people are relying on natural remedies to boost their immunity. So, in case if you are looking for ways to stay healthy, then you must add lemon tea in your diet.

A freshly-prepared cup of hot lemon tea is good for keeping you away from any kind of cold and flu. All you need to do is while preparing, add some honey and have it in the morning. It will not only keep you hydrated all day long but will also keep you detoxed. Most people prefer having coffee, regular tea, and other juices; but lemon tea can be the healthiest alternative.

Lemon tea is loaded with vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and protects the cells from damage. It also helps the body to fight the common cold and boost immunity.

Lemon tea is also great for boosting metabolism. By having lemon tea daily you can lose weight faster. It also flushes out the body toxins and cleans it. It is advisable that you add some ginger to it, along with some honey to make the perfect weight loss concoction.

Lemon tea is also good for digestion. It cures nausea and vomiting spells, provided you add some ginger to it. Lemon tea keeps you away from any indigestion and other such gastrointestinal problems.


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