Here Are Some Easy And Simple Techniques To Make Eyebrows Look Thick And Bold

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Most of the people likes to have a thicker and consistent eyebrows. While they shape their brows time time, they also makes sure that the hair growth is dense and wide. It can achieved in salons easily, but with the right tools and expertise you can also get a thicker eyebrows at home. All you need to do is learn about some simple and easy techniques for making them look bold.

How you can make your eyebrows look bold?

Using coffee

Those who have light coloured eyebrows they can try the coffee tint, to make their brows darker and denser. Coffee will give the eyebrows a browner shade. All you need is mix little bit of coffee powder with petroleum jelly and coconut oil. Mix it well and gently apply it on your brows using an applicator.

Using henna

You can also henna powder to make your brows denser. Henna makes the brows look dense by giving them a natural brown shade. All you need is henna powder and some lemon juice. Apply it on your eyebrows and wash after 40 minutes and wash it.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is believed to be quite an effective way of making the eyebrows look denser. All you need is an activated charcoal capsule, some cocoa powder, and some aloe vera gel. Mix them all together and make a consistent paste. Apply it whenever you need.


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