Here's A Protein Packed Post-Workout Meal; Check It Out

PUBLISHED ON November 18, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 162

While physical workout is an essential aspect of living a healthy life, it is also about the food you eat throughout the day and especially post-workout. If you are confused about what to eat after a great post-workout session and you are looking out for some healthy options, here's a recipe that you can have after your workout session.

Here's how you can make it.

Stuffed Moong Dal Crepe (Cheela)

Ingredients for Stuffed Moong Dal Crepe (Cheela)

60g – Moong Dal

2 no – Green Chilli

Can add ginger

Salt and coriander


*Soak moong dal overnight and grind it into a coarse paste, add green chillies, ginger, salt and coriander leaves and then mix the batter.

*Spread the batter evenly on a hot pan and let it cook on both sides.

*Enjoy with the yoghurt, chilli powder and black salt sauce.


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