Here’s How Cucumber Can Be Your Skincare Essential Amid Monsoon; Try This Cucumber Mask

PUBLISHED ON July 29, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 116

Weekdays are always tiring so we wait for weekends to have some self pampering vis-a-vis skincare. When the whole tiring week cones to an end, we owe it to treat our skin better and try some natural home remedies. Here we have shared a simple routine which is very popular and favourite for many; cucumber face mask. Give a read below to know its benefits and how to make it at home.


* Take all the ingredients and blend the unpeeled cucumber till it becomes a paste.
* Now strain the paste remove excess water and to make it more consistent.
* Apply the paste all over your face and neck. Ket settles for 15 minutes.
*Once done, wash your face with regular water and pat it dry.
* You can also add aloe vera gel to the mixture before applying it to your face.

Benefits of cucumber mask

Cucumber mask is good for hydrating your skin and can give you relief from dryness. It also reduces puffiness on the face. Applying cucumber mask soothes your skin and rejuvenate it, by relieving your skin from redness and inflammation, it can also solve acne issues.


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