Here's How You Can Add Grapes To Your Diet For A Nutrient-Rich Palate

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Sweet, juicy, pulpy grapes are amazingly palatable. What makes these luscious fruits an indispensable part of our diet is their high nutrient rich profile. The fruit is loaded with anthocyanins, antioxidant, carotenoids, vitamin C, A, D, potassium, and calcium. Grapes are one of the most delicious and versatile fruit that boost immunity, delay ageing.

So, you must make it a habit of having handful of grapes everyday.

Be it black, green or red, grapes are very healthy substitute to a nutrient-rich meal plan.

Here are some ways in which you can add grapes to your diet. 


Frothy, creamy grapes smoothies are very delightful. You can have a cool, refreshing, green grapes smoothie to satiate your taste buds and craving buds. Also, grapes being very versatile, you can add them with other fruits like banana, strawberry, watermelon and enjoy the smoothie.


You can either make a healthy, nutrient-dense salads with grapes and enjoy with your food. You can have grilled chicken and grape salad with lemon dressing, or cucumber-grape salad or grape-avocado salad with pumpkin seeds.

Grape muffins:

You can give an interesting twist to youe baked foods by grape muffin with peanut butter, or by baking cranberry-grape-cinnamon bread.

Grape juice:

Make a grape juice at home and add some ice cubes to it if you like it chilled and you are good to go. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to incorporate grapes in your diet.


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