Here's How You Can Choose The Right Type Of Retinol For Your Skin

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Retinol is the new trending buzzword in the beauty world because of its considerably visible results. Not only its result, but it has been touted as one of the ingredients known to reverse the signs of ageing. The retinol is just another form of vitamin A which has the ability to switch your face for plumper, brighter look when you slather it on in the night before dozing off.

Here's how you can choose right type of retinol. 

Retinol as per every skin type

Combination/acne-prone/oily skin

Thinner formulations of retinol works best for your skin type like a fluid or a gel which soaks into your skin easily and don't let it feel heavy. Thr oily your skin is the better it can tolerate retinol because it has a tendency to leave your skin drier than usual.

Normal/sensitive skin

Retinol packed with hyaluronic acid works great for normal or sensitive skin type. Since, retinol often leaves your skin dry, give your skin a break. Also, remember to never add two active products in your skincare products at once. Just a piece of advise retinol is active ingredient and should never be used with Vitamin C.

Dry skin

If you are someone who has parched or dry skin, use retinol as a ‘moisturising base'. Make sure the moisturiser is packed with other nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E or Omega. A thick moisturiser which you can slather on in the night and go to sleep works best for your skin type.


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