Here's How You Can Make Foxtail Millet Fusion At Home For Your Breakfast; RECIPE Inside

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A good weekend entails staying at home, catching up on lost sleep and of course, eating good food and much more. As we are all aware of the importance of healthy diet and nutritious food, Especially in the time when there is so much focus on natural immunity. Keeping with the weekend vibes, here is a delectable recipe that will suit perfect for your breakfast, Foxtail millet fusion. 

If you are in the mood for experiment and are looking to try something very delectable, here is the recipe for foxtail millet fusion. Read on.

Here's how you can make foxtail millet fusion.

Ingredients you need to make foxtail millet fusion.

– Millet — 180g

– Carrot dice — 40g

– Beans dice — 40g

– Broccoli florates blanched — 30g

– Walnut deskin blanched — 10g

– Mustard seed — 1g

– Curry leaves local — 1g

– Salt — 2g

– Ghee — 10ml

– Chopped onion — 10g

– Chopped ginger — 3g

– Green chili chopped — 3g

– Water — 20ml

– Coconut chutney — 30g

– Grated coconut — 20g

– Cumin seed — 1g

Method to make foxtail millet fusion.

* Take the ghee or butter in a pan and heat it up.

* Add mustard seeds and curry leaves to it. When it starts crackling, add onion and ginger to it.

* Saute onion and ginger for and further add the carrots, beans, chili and cook.

* Add water, turmeric and salt.

* Cut the blanched broccoli florates into small pieces.

* Add the boiled millet with the vegetable mixture and cook for 20 minutes.

* Finish the foxtail millet fusion by adding coriander paste and chutney, and separately cooking for 5 minutes.

*Enjoy your breakfast.


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