Here's Why You Should Start Your Day With Carom And Fenugreek Seeds Water

PUBLISHED ON March 9, 2021 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 90

The health benefits in carom and fenugreek seeds are astonishing. Both of them are a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, essential micronutrients and therefore when they are consumed they ramp up your body's functioning to unprecedented levels.

The best ways to derive the nutrition from them is to have them soaked in water overnight and have them next morning on an empty stomach.

Here are the ways in which the carom and fenugreek seeds water improves our health:

Solves indigestion problems: A glass of carom and fenugreek water in the morning will set the tone of your body just right for the rest of the day. The water is packed with essential nutrients, fibres, magnesium, manganese the drink will relieve you of constipation, heartburn, nausea.

Controls blood sugar: This magical drink is believed to be good for regulating diabetes. It reduces bad cholesterol, inflammation and ensures no unwanted sugar spikes in blood.

Aids in weight loss: The potency of infused water with carom and fenugreek is incredible. By bringing about enhanced metabolic activity, the drink eradicates the possibility of any piling up of toxins in the system, extra fat, and in turn helps you retain a healthy, trimmed body.

Gives glowing skin: Carom seeds are known to possess thymol, an essential oil. The fenugreek on the other hand is phenomenally antioxidant-rich. Both of them make for great detox drink imparting glowing, healthy skin.




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