Homemade DIY Hair Mask, For Dry Scalp, Frizzy Hair And Dandruff

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Hairfall can be everyone's biggest concern, but frizzy hair, thinning, dandruff… are a close second concern of people. And, randomly switching up to shampoos and conditioner does more harm than good. Even oiling every Sunday has given somehow a life to our hairs. You might say that there are many products in the market like serums and essences which are made for your hair. But think seriously, does it really works, those chemicals can do more harm than good, especially in the long run.

And to get rid of frizzy hair, dry scalp and dandruff the solution lies in your kitchen, Yes you read it right! You can use natural ingredients to make a hair mask that is suitable for your hair type.

Give a read below to know how to make a hair mask at home with just simple kitchen ingredients.



Also called Dahi, yogurt can moisturise your skin and rejuvenate it. Its topical application can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. albeit you've got acne, blemishes or pigmentation, you'll use yogurt. A sleepless night gives dark circles under the eyes. Yogurt can reduce their appearance also.


This natural sweetener can absorb impurities from the skin pores and clean them. Honey acts as a natural antiseptic. this suggests it can heal wounds. Being a natural humectant, honey can treat wrinkles and its antioxidant properties can delay aging.


Eggs can do wonders on damaged hair. they will moisturise your scalp and treat dandruff. It can improve your skin texture and tighten your skin pores after removing excess oil.

How to make It: 

Take a bowl and mix full fat yogurt, honey (1 tsp) and one raw egg. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave it for a half-hour before washing with warm water or baby shampoo.


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