Include This Healthy Snack In Your Diet And Increase The Workout Time

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Yes, it is important to pay attention to what you eat after workout, but equal importance must be given to the food you consume before workout. A good pre-workout healthy snack will not only make you feel energised about your workout routine but will also strengthen your immunity and help to recover after a great workout session. Many people go for fruits or nuts before they start their workout, you can also have this great combination of grated coconut and jaggery powder to make you feel energised before the workout.

Here's how you can make this healthy snack

Ingredients you need to make this healthy snack for workout:

Raw grated coconut

Jaggery powder

Peanuts, if preferred


*Take a bowl.

* Add raw grated coconut and jaggery powder.

*Mix them well, you can also add peanuts to it.

*Have them before your workout session.

Benefits of these energy-boosting ingredients:


Grated coconut is a good source of manganese and copper. The dietary fibre of the coconut ensures you keep fuller for longer and lends you energy for a good workout.


Jaggery in the form of natural sugar, detoxes the blood and flushes out the toxins.


Since muscles use carbohydrates and fat as the main sources for cardio exercises, peanut or peanut butter is a great source of fat and protein.


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