Indoor Reasons for Summer Allergies You Should Know

PUBLISHED ON April 9, 2020 Read TIME: 2 minutes VIEWS: 90
With the Lockdown ongoing, most homes are in deep cleaning mode. this might expose you to mold, usually found in areas of high humidity like around water pipes and under washbasins and in bathroom cupboards.


Apart from being a nuisance, these pests also can cause allergies, more so if you are trying to kill them. These bugs alive also as dead, their body parts, excreta can trigger allergies.


Although house plants intrinsically might not be a drag since most of them are non-flowering and do not release pollen, overwatering, especially in pots without draining holes can cause mold growth on the potting soil surface. Terrariums, thanks to their high humidity also are a mold magnet. Pots kept in areas with low light are especially susceptible to mold growth.

Being mindful of your environment, whether indoor or outdoor can help keep allergies corneredthis is often important especially within the current scenario where you are doing not want to be near a hospital unless absolutely essential.



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