It's Time To Replace The Traditional Tea With This Easy To Make Herbal Tea

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Indians first love is their tea. Most of the people can't even imagin of beginning their day without strong cup of tea. But, excess of anything can be harmful and the same applies for tea. So, if you want to get over your tea addiction, we have brought very interesting herbal tea for your help.

Herbal tea is a replacement for the traditional Indian tea made using milk and tea leaves. This type of tea helps you to get rid of tea addiction. The tea is made using a blend of herbs and natural flavours without milk. You can use any fresh herb to make this tea like, rosemary, curry leaves, tulsi, rose.

All you need to make Herbal Tea

Serves 2

2-3 inches – Lemongrass stems, chopped
2 inches – Cinnamon sticks
6 no – Green cardamom buds
½ inch – Coin ginger
2 cups – Water
1 tsp – Jaggery

How to make:

*Take a pan add water and bring it to boil.
*Take some fresh lemongrass stems, cinnamom sticks, cardamom buds and ginger and crush it all.
*All the crushed items in the boiled water and cover it for good three minutes to let the flavour infuse.
*Now, strain the tea using strainer into cups.
*You can also add jaggery if you want your tea should be sweet.
*Your herbal tea is ready, Enjoy!


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