Know How Buttermilk Can Be Your Summer Soothing Drink; Deets INSIDE

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Summer Soothing Drink: With the draining heat of the summer months, all that your body needs is something to stay cool and hydrated. It is obvious to lose body fluids in summers by means of sweating, and if you do not take precautions, you may lose essential nutrients and get dehydrated.

Among many other things, health experts say that curd helps the body in many ways because it keeps your body cool from inside and also takes care of your digestive system. But, there is something preferred more to it, chaas or buttermilk, which is a more diluted version of curd and preferred as a drink.

Buttermilk is made out of churned curd, water and spices are added to it. It is preferred because it makes digestion faster and helps the system rejuvenate from the inside. Also, it keeps hydrated all the time and is a great substitute for other summer drinks. Besides digestion and hydration, buttermilk is also known for soothing the stomach when you have had something extremely spicy.

And if sometimes you consume lots of fats, then the buttermilk can help you wash them off. For lactose intolerant people, buttermilk is a healthier alternative to milk. As it also keeps your bones strong, being a rich source of calcium.

You must always consider buttermilk if you are looking for a cure for acidity. If you are trying to lose weight, or keep your weight in check, you should always go for buttermilk on a regular basis, as an alternative to curd. But, if gaining weight is on your priority, then experts say you must opt for curd, as it is more nutrient-rich. Also, for children's growth, the curd is preferred over buttermilk for the same reason. Adults can consider the latter. Also, buttermilk is not suggested for people who are on a fluid-restricted diet. For them to keep their bodies cool and their bones strong in summers, they should and must consume more curd.

* Take two cup of curd, some finely chopped green chilies, coriander leaves, one teaspoon of black salt and some curry leaves for taste.

* Put the curd in a blender, and add the black salt and green chilies. Blend well. Add some water to make the consistency liquid-like.

* Pour the drink into the glass and garnish with coriander leaves. Put it in the refrigerator so cool down before you drink it.


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