Make This Easy Eggless Mayonnaise With Three Simple Ingredients

PUBLISHED ON August 16, 2020 Read TIME: 1 minute VIEWS: 111

From momos to sandwich there is one such common sauce that goes with all of these is mayonnaise. If you are a huge fan of mayo, then you must try your hands on making this delicious sauce at home rather than buying it from the market.

Making mayonnaise at home involves a super-easy recipe which need only three ingredients beside salt and sugar. And you can easily make it without using eggs.

All you need to make mayonnaise:

½ cup – Oil
¼ cup – Cold soya milk (regular, unsweetened)
1 tsp – Vinegar
½ tsp – Sugar
½ tsp – Salt


*Take oil in a bowl.

*Add soya milk to it..

* Now add vinegar, sugar and salt. Blend them all together for about two to three minutes until it has a thick consistency. You can also add ¼ tsp of yellow mustard powder according to your taste.

* Once your mayo is ready transfer it to another bowl and refrigerate.


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